Versatile day

Finally! It feels so good to have WiFi and have updated the last posts. Check it out before you go further!

Back to my day. As I said yesterday, I was going for a run today. That means I got up at 6:30 am today and went to the running place. Even if I wasn’t in the best condition, I ran more than three kilometers with a 4:36 pace. It could be worse, though. Tomorrow I want to run 6 kilometers at a slower speed as it is better for my body and more helpful. Besides, I definitely need another sport as well because I still feel not good for doing just running.

I headed back to the dorm, had a shower, and then Semi (my roommate) and I went to the dining hall to have breakfast. This time, I enjoyed the breakfast, as it was truly delicious. It was like 8 am, and we still had one hour left. We decided to sit on a bench. At 9 am, the welcome ceremony of all international students begun, in which we heard many speeches. The videos before the ceremony were breathtaking. Maybe I’ll find them on a video platform and share it with you.

After the end of the ceremony, I went to the bank. You remember, yesterday I filled out two forms, and I should come back today. I really wanted that bank account today, so I was running to the branch, making sure I’m the first one. And I was the first one. The service guy was kind. He was setting my bank account up and even showed me how to use it with WeChat. After 30 minutes, everything was set up, and I had FINALLY my bank account. Later, I just had to type in some personal information in WeChat, to become a trusted user, and then it worked perfectly.

Next, I met up with the group again. It was around 11:30 am, and we were all hungry. They wanted to eat Pizza, so we went to the city using two stations of the subway. Because our navigator (boyfriend of Chi) didn’t found the restaurant, we went to the shopping mall looking for something different. Namira also desired to get a bubble tea. Therefore she got one, and I got a drink with grapefruit and citrus, which was ridiculously sweet. The first tastes were like cleaning stuff and chemistry. But later, it was not bad. We also did see a shop where you can buy cats. They are cute, but I think it’s torture.

Later, we found a restaurant which seemed to be nice. We took seats and ordered like always with saying 这个 (zhe ge = this) to our wanted meal. Actually, those meals were pretty bad. And expensive. Never gonna eat there again. It was like microwave food, which I bet it was.

Back on campus, we went back to the building no. 14, which is, by the way, the building where we did all the registrations. Also, it is the running point of international management and above the dormitory for students, studying longer than one year. They finished some stuff since they applied for a four-year degree resulting in more organization stuff. We did not end here with the organization stuff because I finally wanted to have my WiFi. So, we headed to the service information building. There were so many people as everyone wants to have WiFi. After waiting 30 minutes, I finally could set up my account.

Also, Namira had to do something. She has to buy a sim card since she bought just a tourist sim card at the airport. Arrived, she actually didn’t buy the sim card because she wanted that contract where a phone is included. This offer was, however, limited to the first day resulting in not purchasing a new sim card. Directly near this shop was a small shop with fruits. I bought my bananas there and used the first time WeChat Pay. It’s so convenient!

After all that organization stuff, we went to the girl’s dormitory and talked for more than one hour. It’s always fun, getting to know people from other countries. I really do enjoy spending time with them. And I really hyped them for karaoke. Sadly, it had been raining, so that we shifted this activity to tomorrow. After sitting another bunch of minutes in a study room, we walked in the rain to the dining hall to have dinner.

The last action of the day was visiting a shop to buy water and going to the dormitory where I’m writing the blog right now. That’s pretty much it!

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  1. Sylvia says:

    gratuliere: WiFi und bank account … nun kann es losgehen!

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