Exciting classes

Today, I have experienced my first lectures. But I didn’t feel well because I had only eaten spicy in the past few days, and my stomach was not comfortable with it. Anyway, I got up early, had breakfast, and I searched for the classroom. It was a little bit hard since they have, as it seems, two buildings with the same name. So, I went into one building and search for the room. I didn’t found room 410, so I left and asked where the “real” building is. Happily, I had enough time to search.

Arrived at the classroom, I thought I’m wrong. There were so many local students. I sat down to two fellow students, who from Netherlands and living next to my room, and we asked someone if that’s the course “Content management & digital libraries”. It was. As it turned out, it’s for local and foreign students. Then the lecture began. His English is extremely broken. His talking is tiresome as he always does 20 seconds break, and it’s unstructured! I even don’t know what exactly the homework for the next week is. And also, this microphone system is a mess. This noise was unbelievably loud. Plus, when it comes to his explanations, it’s not getting better. He is talking around not saying clearly the facts (Chinese are not the best in being direct, haha, or he simply does not know the answer). His questions are not helpful and totally out of the sky. Overall, for me, it isn’t very good.

However, one plus point is that all groups need one foreigner. That means, I joined a group with six Chinese students. Every group has to work on one project. And every student has to prepare a 15 minutes presentation. Right now, there are 70 Students. I don’t know how he wants to handle it, but okay. Remember that I said I have six weeks class only? After the six weeks, our group has to implement something until December.

After 2 1/2 hours (!!!) with two breaks, the course has finished. You feel like you are in a school, mainly because of the ringing, indicating a break or start/end of class. We had lunch, and I’ve done stuff like always. At 3:10 pm, the next class Web mining started. Guess what. It’s the same lecturer. Same boring shit again, with even less organization/information than before. But in this course, we have to prepare a 60 Minute presentation! Still curious, how he wants to handle that for every student. And as well as the course before, I know most of its content. Sadly, there are no other courses I can attend to.

Regarding the grading system: You can reach 100% or 100 points. If you don’t hand over your homework, you’ll lose 10% of your current process (depends on the lecturer). The project, for example, gives you 50% (instead of a final exam). And you also lose percentages if you don’t come to class (10%) or being inactive (10%).

In the evening, I was running and did my outdoor sports program. I also had dinner, but this time I ate something milder.

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