Special Living Conditions

In the last few days, I visited the library frequently. But this library is not a library. It’s a living place for the students! I was surprised as every working place is full of books. It’s like they truly live there. I also met someone I have met several times before, either when it comes to sports or when I’m learning in the library. He showed me his place in the library, and, well, this dude even has his toothbrush here! And a different pair of shoes!

Right now, I’m searching in the library for some documents because I have to do a presentation on two papers in Web mining. To do so, I’m browsing websites that are recommended by the lecturer. But unfortunately, the internet is really slow. Yesterday, I visited Content Management & Digital Libraries again, and I decided to skip this course. I won’t do any programming tasks here with lousy internet. Also, the obligation to be present is nothing more than useless. I can’t take the lecturer seriously as he can’t speak English, nor has structure. The moment he entered the classroom with jogging pants, has made my decision final. But believe me, it’s hard to listen to shit two and a half-hour four times a week, with noise as loud as his voice.

Anyway, yesterday, we went to the German embassy. They invited us to celebrate Oktoberfest since Oktoberfest is in the golden week. (The golden week is the national week from 09/29-10/06, where all Chinese have free.) It was crowded, but there were food and beer for free. We (nearly our whole dorm haha) had a great time. You could eat doner, find a lot of connections and dance. The live music, especially the soli, was outstanding. Sadly, we have to be at home at 0 am. Because it was already late, and Semir’s phone was dying, we didn’t get a taxi. We decided to take a fake taxi, which is illegal and more expensive. After negotiating, we dropped him to 100元 (the regular price would be like 60元), and he drove us home.

There is not so much to say. I’m trying to learn most of the Chinese dishes now, and I’m also organizing some trips near Beijing. Tomorrow, for example, we’re going to a national park. I’ll keep you updated! Leave you with some more pictures of food.

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