Summer Palace

Sunday was an exhausting day because we walked the whole day. For this reason, I didn’t want to travel the day after. However, in the evening on that Sunday, my roommates invited me to join a bigger group, which planned to go to the Summer Palace. Since it’s on my travel list, I decided to join them.

The start was a mess. The meeting time was 8:30 am, but we didn’t know that we have breakfast all together. Thus, we had breakfast two times. We called a Didi driver (Did I introduced you earlier? It’s like Uber in China. I still need to set it up.) who took us to the Summer Palace at around 9:30 am.

This time, I’ll write in an easy way. I just post you the pictures with the capitals, so I don’t have to write much.

To see everything in this place is making you really exhausting because this place is huge. For this reason, some of us decided to go at 2 pm as we already have seen the main attraction and the most important stuff.

Back at home, I picked up my new mattress, which was a complete mess. I should pick it up at the new south gate. As it turned out, the new south is the east gate. The campus is so big, and therefore I was riding the bike for nearly one hour. Finally, I got my mattress. In the next hours, I spend my time going to the gym and playing badminton with some friends. A day full of exhausting, but nice activities!

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  1. Sylvia says:

    tolle Bilder von dem beliebtesten Naherholungsparkt in Peking dem wunderschönen Sommerpalast …. uns hat damals aber der Kaiserpalast, die verbotene Stadt und der Lamapalast fast noch mehr beeindruckt…aber du hast ja noch Zeit, um deine travel list abzulaufen :-)) Viel Spaß weiterhin!!

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