National Week

It’s been some days since my last post because there were no special events. Thus, I summarize the previous days now briefly.

It was the national week, which means that nearly no one was in the dorm. I really enjoyed it as I could focus entirely on myself. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen anything special than usual. So, I neither saw the national walk nor a firework.

Anyway, after approximately 4 weeks here, it’s time to draw a statement. I got familiar with the environment. I can order the most dishes in Chinese, I discovered fried rice for myself, I know where to find all supermarkets, major malls, and electronics shops. I really get used to the subway system, which I use every day, and I have successfully integrated into the road traffic riding a bicycle while using my phone and being impertinent. I explored plenty in my near, love the payment system here, and had lots of conversations with Chinese people in a mix of Chinese, English, and Google translate.

Now, the complaining part. I miss my bicycle. I’m so slow while riding Mobikes. I also start to miss my piano. In the next week, I’ll look for places where I can play the piano. Sometimes, I also can’t see Chinese food anymore. I want Baguette and especially bread! Oh, I really miss bread. My battery of my MacBook is broken, which means I can’t use it outdoor. And while it’s charging, I get shocks. And this is genuinely restricting me. Furthermore, I can’t buy a new one since the current models are just too bad (Butterfly keyboard). In recent days, I also slept so long, I couldn’t have done what I wanted to be done. Actually, I just learned the Chinese dishes and not any more vocabulary like I planned to do, haha. My progress in my English grammar book could be much better, as well.

Additionally, I realized that I’ve done too much sport. My body was overwhelmed and exhausted, so I regularly skipped badminton and had a rest day if I exaggerated on the last day since the body needs rest to grow muscles. Nevertheless, sports have helped me to feel much more alive than usual, and I’m already a little bit addicted.

I visited some parks these days. For example, the Houhai Park, with a street full of restaurants and souvenir shops, and the Beijing Olympic Park. Especially the Beijing Olympic Park is a great location to relax and to enjoy nature.

The other time, I read papers and made some progress in my presentation.

In the next days, I have decided to travel alone. I think if you travel alone, you will be confronted with any situation and you have to deal with it. You have to communicate with others which you don’t know, and you get yourself more to known. So, stay updated for the next posts! It could be interesting!

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