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We stayed for the last three days in Japan. I try to keep this article as short as possible, but I have over 200 images I want to show you. So, I’ll just cover the most important things.

First impressions were outstanding. An immaculate country with freaking friendly people. It’s an entirely different country compared to China. The people are all well-educated, rarely smoke, don’t spit on the ground, wear mostly suits (like every man you see wears a suit), can speak English, and are open-minded. Despite speaking English, they keep their culture answering in an “understandable” Japanese smiling and thanking all the time. Furthermore, the internet was just great. You can access every website! And it’s really fast! They also have high-technology everywhere, and the roads are neither really crowded nor drive people like shit.

This time, I’ll write about my experiences, not chronologically but in sections.


Our hotel had spoiled us in every way. I couldn’t imagine a better one because the bed, toilet, shower, and especially the service was just great. The toilet even has “shower” functions (which nearly every has as it showed up later). They gave us a hotspot device providing us with the use of the internet everywhere.


Our main transportation was the metro. After we slept for 4 hours (we arrived at 4am in the night), we went to the nearest station and procured us a metro card. Conspicuous was that you don’t find bicycles to rent.

For transportation in the night (for example from airport to hotel) we used Uber. Many taxis and cars look like oldtimers there, but inside, they are equipped with the newest technologies, including thousand screens.


Tokyo is full of skyscrapers. Everywhere where you are, you are surrounded by them. Because the Japanese have limited space, they even use the smallest corner. It’s impressive how efficiently they use it. You can also notice that the Japanese are clean. Although there are fewer bins, you can’t see ANY trash somewhere.

Overall, it’s a combination of future and traditional. See yourself.

Among other places, we went to the most significant crossing Shibuya Scramble Crossing on day and night.

Temple and Festivals

Compared to China, the temples are alongside with street markets. On the one hand, you can buy stuff like food and accessories, and on the other hand, you can pray. Plus, you can se women in Kimotos everywhere underlining the extraordinary culture of Japan.


The city is shining with its green areas everywhere. Additionally, you can experience a lot of gardens and parks, both of which are really beautiful. Just leave you with the photos here.


We went to some famous towers and took, of course, beautiful overview photos. We visited the Skytree, Shibuya Scramble Square, the Tokyo Tower, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office.


Museum visits may not be missing. But we went to the Yushukan War Museum only.

Fish Market

We are in Tokyo. Thus, the most crucial things are seafood. We visited a fish market and a fish trading hall. Unfortunately, we were not able to see the tradings live because we were just too late.


There was no doubt in going not in a club. Before we went there, we wanted to taste different Sake’s. We found a place where we could try as much as we want for 30 minutes. Really nice evening! But the clubs in Beijing are better.

Nerd Scene

This was one of the craziest experiences. I watched some “Animes ” before, but I couldn’t think of those similarities in real life. We also went into a maid cafe, but for us, it was way too strange. So, we left it.

Basically, on the one side, there are the men in suits, and on the other, there are those girls. A Chinese girl told me men in suits behave well-educated on days but become perverts in the night. Really weird and different world.

By the way, I also asked a maid on the street (they are doing a lot of advertisements to get customers for a maid cafe) if I can take a photo. She spoke to her manager, and this manager was a fat, nerdy guy (I was so shocked) saying to her that I’m not allowed to take pictures. So disgusting. It seems like it’s a real business there. Hopefully, they are not forced to do this, but the pressure is probably not less than in China. Maybe it’s their only option to make (good) money.


Now, the best part follows. Restaurants and food! Ramen, Curry, Sushi, Rice balls, everything tastes fantastic. I was, notably, surprised by the instant noodles. Really tasty!

And sushi gets a single gallery.


Yeah. That’s it! We had three wonderful days full of experience. My impressions haven’t got worse. The only significant negative point is that this city is costly. We spend almost 500 Euros, including flight and hotel, but it was definitely worth it!

At last, one photo with a crew of a different airline!

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