Hot Springs

By the way, the winter was here for two days! Even it’s not snowing every day, the temperature is almost below zero degrees. Thus, I had to buy extra, warm clothes.

Two weeks ago, we went to Happy Valley. Unfortunately, nearly no attraction was opened. Research would have been helped a lot in this case! However, we saw the place with… almost no people there, haha, but it’s beautiful there.

I also visited the cinema which is gigantic! The movie was in English with Chinese subtitles, so I could understand everything. Another evening, I have experienced a Rodeo bar. We signed up too late, that’s why some of us couldn’t ride. Anyway, we paid for the entrance only, and all the drinks were for free.

The best day, however, was the trip organized by CET. It’s convenient to book there as you don’t have to organize anything. The morning this day, we visited an area that is inspired by Europe. There are many outlets and restaurants, both of which are not really interesting. Later, we headed to the primary part of the trip, the Jiayou Spa Water World. It was a nice, relaxing day. There are different floors, where you can eat, have massages or go into the hot springs. We just had three hours, so we just stayed in the hot springs. The hot springs are unfortunately artificial, but you can choose between more than ten pools differentiate in temperature and water. Interesting is you have to wear specific, traditional clothes. I didn’t take photos of them, but you can see it a little bit in one picture.

Then some more pictures of China.

On December 15th, my most extended trip begins. I’ll provide you with further information like the route later.

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