How to partying in China

I started this day late since I didn’t have any plans. After breakfast (actually, it was lunch already haha), I washed my clothes. I didn’t know that the wash machines are running with cold water only, resulting in not fully cleaned clothes. Next time I should try it with more detergent. But as I said earlier, it’s really convenient to set everything up using WeChat.

Overall, the day was not exciting. I went to bed again to sleep for some hours because I knew we are going partying in the night. I signed up for the gym, and Semir and I did some exercise. After training, I showered – cold again. It seems like the shower is not working well. Generally, everything is always broken in this dorm here. But I get used to it. I went to the dining hall and visited my friends. They were cooking as they are tired of the dining hall food.

Back in my dorm, I met some people and joined their conversation. It was about getting to the party. They added me to the promoter list and considered me for a taxi seat. 10:20 pm, our journey started. It took us 45 minutes to go there, and we paid 50元. This place was a place full of rich people. But we were running into problems coming into the club. There were some issues, so they didn’t let us in. We decided to go to a bar first where we got one drink for free.

At around 2 am, we headed to the club again. This time, we had problems joining the club as well. Our promoter talked around 5 minutes with the bouncer, and then finally, we got inside. First, we used the elevator to come into the club. It was fancy, but I forgot to take a photo. Then we entered the club. Chinas clubs have small dancefloors, but many tables which are remarkably expensive to book. There are many security people watching that everyone is there where he belongs. We got free drinks the whole night and danced the entire night as the dorms open at 6 am. At 5:30 am, we left the club, and we went to a McDonalds. Then we took a taxi home.

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  1. Sylvia says:

    grundsätzlich wird die Wäsche in China nur kalt gewaschen, dafür mit aggressiven Waschmitteln; QQ hatte uns beigebracht, dass wir empfindliche Sachen sonst selber im Waschbecken mit “Seife” waschen und in den Zimmern trocknen …

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