Badminton time

Hey guys! As you have maybe noticed, I won’t update the blog every day as there is not so much new content.

Today, I went to a mall (again) and bought a badminton racket. It was not easy to communicate with her because she was not able to speak English. Anyway, we did communicate via Google Translate. She was speaking on her phone, and I was typing on my phone. It was fun. So, I decided on one racket, and she set everything up (grip and tense).

Back at the campus, I had lunch, and I received an SMS. My electric toothbrush is ready to get. So, I went to the place which was described in the SMS. It seems like they have a different delivery system here. There are many delivery men, and you have to go to one specific one. After asking five delivery men, I finally found mine. No sign needed. He just gave it to me. So easy.

In the dorm, I’ve done some stuff. For example, I printed my 1200 vocabulary list and learned with a Chinese app. The printing was pretty easy. There are several computers, and you just have to select your file and pick your printer. After my 36 pages were printed, I asked the shopkeeper how much it costs. It was only 5,4元.

Later, Semir and I headed to the gym. We had an excellent training! While lifting weights, we talked about getting protein. So, the next mission was to get protein. We went to the shopping mall again (where I bought my racket), but we did not find any. The supermarket on the opposite of the mall has protein, but it is kind of weird. It’s not for sport/muscles – it’s something to cook with? I don’t know.

Then we tried a yet unknown dining hall for dinner. It was something different since you have to choose what you want to eat. So, you drag the ingredients into a bowl, and a cook is cooking it for you. Great, but also expensive. After eating, we did order protein from Taobao (like amazon). First, it did not work because I haven’t had a Chinese id. But after choosing a different product, it worked.

In the late evening, I wanted to try my new racket. Without any knowledge about how the sport system/courses works, I just went to the gym to find it out by myself. Some of the exchange students were there, so I asked them how it works. For badminton and table tennis, you have to register courts in front of the gym for 50元/hour. Or come early or late, then it’s free. Since I didn’t order a court, I asked three Chinese students. We played for one hour 2vs2, which was great as they have the same level as I. Maybe I’ll meet them next Monday again.

I also set my plans up, getting not bored.

Mo+Mi+Fr: Gym+Badminton
Di+Do+Sa: Running+Outdoor training
Di+Fr: Courses 9:50-12:15 and 15:10-17:35
List of dishes
2 pages of English grammar/day
1-2 pages vocabularies/day (71 pages overall, 300-400 already known)
3 lections HelloChinese/day

See you next time! 🙂

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  1. Sylvia says:

    Aus den Erfahrungen der von mir über 10 Jahre betreuten Austauschschüler weiss ich, dass der blog – so wie bei mir das Reisetagebuch über 11 Wochen UK – Zeit frisst, um ihm am Leben zu erhalten.
    Deshalb mein Tipp:
    Du solltest die neuen Eindrücke für Dich selber aufschreiben, soweit für Dich der Tag bei der Betrachtung abends oder am nächsten Tag etwas Neues und/oder für Dich Wichtiges gebracht hat. Dies kann oft an den neuen Bildern entschieden werden.
    Schreib den blog für Dich … alle anderen freuen sich, wenn sie was lesen können!
    Mir machen zumindestens Deine Berichte und besonders die Fotos viel Freude, da unser China-Eindruck von vor 7 Jahren in vielen Dingen auch revidiert wird. DANKE, dass wir so an Deiner Zeit dort teilhaben dürfen.
    Ganz herzliche Grüße

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