This blog entry is about Guangzhou, a city which is in the South of China like Shenzhen. Because it’s close to Shenzhen, it differs not much. But still, I enjoyed staying there and to see the contrast between modern and ancient, which I try to focus on.

The transportation system is the same as in Beijing or Shenzhen. I simply added the electronic cards in WeChat, and it worked perfectly. But the problem with traffic jams was as annoying as in Shenzhen. Although we did not spend so much time on public transportations because we bicycled most of our time, it was time-consuming. The subway, by the way, looks again exactly like in Beijing or Shenzhen.


Of course, I have to talk about the food as it’s one of the essential things in China. In Guangzhou, Dim Sum is a famous Cantonese breakfast dish prepared as small bite-sized portion served in small steamer baskets. Besides meatballs, we also ordered chicken feet.

Another famous dish is the white chicken served with minced ginger. It’s not fully cooked, and thus, it’s served cold with blood inside. It might sound not delicious, but somehow it was, even though it was cold, which I don’t like much. The other dishes were typical Chinese ones.

Oh, additionally to the Dim Sum and the White Chicken, we had Coconut Chicken in a Hotpot style. I don’t know if it’s typical Guangzhou food, but it is truly delicious, especially the dip!

Canton Tower

The Canton Tower is one of the symbols of Guangzhou. So, there was no doubt in not going there. Actually, we spend a whole day to see the tower in all angles and to explore the surroundings while bicycling.

In the night, we did a night cruise on the Zhujiang river to see the Canton tower with its beautiful lights. Although we paid to enter the boat, we were charged to go upstairs. But it was worth it!

Yuexiu Park

The second symbol of Guangzhou is the Yuexiu Park, or, more precisely, the goat statue, which you should definitely visit.

Sun Yat-Sen was the first president of the Republic of China, who is referred to the “Father of the Nation”. Close to the Yuexiu Park, we visited his memorial, including a museum.


A trip without hiking? Impossible. We went to a stunning mountain called Baiyun Mountain. It took us two hours to get there because we chose a path which is not popular. Thus, the first half of our hiking trip was remarkably peaceful and silent as there were fewer people.

Other things

If you know me, you know I love parks, especially parks here in China. They are all clean, and a great location to relax. One day, I randomly bicycled through the city, and I discovered the Xiaogang Park, which is, in my eyes, much more beautiful than the main attraction parks.

Furthermore, I discovered the street around the Shangxiajiu plaza.

And some more pictures took on islands of the river and the different riverside of the Canton Tower.


Over Christmas, we stayed in Guangzhou. So, what did we do on Christmas? Well, actually, it were days like every other days. Sometimes you see shops with Christmas ambient, and sometimes you also hear Christmas songs, but overall, Chinese are not celebrating it at all. On 24th December, we did a bicycle tour to the Science Museum, which was, unfortunately, under construction. But still, we have seen a lot!

I decided to spend the evening in a German restaurant. The restaurant 1920 is famous in Guangzhou, and thus, it was crowded as hell. We had to wait like one hour to get a seat. Although it is a German restaurant, there was Chinese live music, which was good though. You could think about there are many foreigners, but there wasn’t. Mostly just Chinese. The most important part, however, was the food, which was amazing. Well, it was so much that I couldn’t walk afterward, haha.

On 25th December, the real Christmas day, we spend in hot springs since my travel partner had tickets for free. To go there, we spend two hours in the subway, and after we arrived, we accepted an offer by a motorcycle driver. It was uncomfortable as hell, but we saved one euro, haha. Overall, it was a different, but still beautiful Christmas. Nevertheless, I missed the worships and the organ.

Hopefully, you like Guangzhou as much as me. I had a great time here!

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  1. Sylvia says:

    Sehr beeindruckend… genießt die Zeit… wir genießen deine Berichte und die tollen Fotos. GHG von Sylvia

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