Shenzhen is a city how I imaged China. In not popular areas, you see, for instance, little shops and damaged streets everywhere. Additionally, you can smell the food and well… the not so nice smelling smell. But to be honest, it’s not a negative point for me, it’s a point which makes the city even more “exciting”.

We spend three full days in Shenzhen, and something I noticed was that constructions are everywhere. It didn’t matter if we just leave the hotel or go for two hours by bus, you saw constructions everywhere. Hopefully, you noticed that there are many green places and palm trees as well.


Just horrible. I thought the transportation is the worst in Beijing, but it’s not. We literally spend half of every day in public transports. Even though there are MANY busses and trains, scheduled every 5 minutes, there are just too many people. The streets are overcrowded with cars and busses, and there are even queues to enter the subways at specific times. Because of the transportation issues, we even couldn’t go to some attractions like the Shenzhen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden.

The subway systems are, by the way, exactly the same as in Beijing. I was confused if I’m still in Beijing or not, haha. It’s also pretty easy to pay for the bus and subway. In WeChat, you can easily add an e-card (thanks Natália), and then you get a QR-code to enter the check-in with.


So far, there is no much difference in the food. Everything I tried was likely to Beijing, and I couldn’t complain.

Theme Parks

Window of the World is pretty famous. Thus, I wanted to visit it, and yeah, it’s worth a visit, even it’s expensive. I picked some photos but left the description. Maybe you can guess the world buildings.

That day, we also wanted to go to China Folk Culture Villages, but it was again 220元, and because it’s a theme park as well, we didn’t go there.


We have been to many parks in those three days, all of which have their charm.

The best park, however, was the Lainhuashan park, which is close to the civic center.

The Yueliangwan Park-Evergreen Resort has a lovely tropical rainforest part. We traveled like one and a half-hour to go there and the rainforest part, which is basically the only good part in this small resort, was done in 10 minutes. Even it’s beautiful, there a better places to visit.

Guided trip

The temperature in Shenzhen is pleasantly warm, around 25 degrees, so visiting the beach sounded a nice idea for us. We booked a guided trip since the beaches are far and not easy to reach with public transportations.

The first stop was an ancient City called Dapeng. Not really interesting, but nice to look at.

Then we headed to a beach, where we had a concise boat activity. The main activity, however, was to have a barbecue. We had to do it by ourselves, and of course, I helped then, and the others Chinese (well, I was the only foreigner as everything was in Chinese) showed me how it works because their barbecue is much different compared to ours.

After taking the bus again, we arrived at another beach. We go by boat again, but this time it was much longer and much more interesting. We arrived at a nice scenery and hiked for two hours.

Right now, I’m in Guangzhou. I give you my report about Guangzhou in one week. Stay tuned!

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