On Sunday, we organized a trip to a national park. Thus, we had to get up early at 6 am. The meeting time with the others was 6:45 am, but because we had enough time left, we had breakfast. We met the others at the bus station where Wenyuan got something like a crepe.

Our leader and the bus arrived, and we started our journey. We literally drove through Beijing to collect others, which were basically from other universities. I know a few of them as some of them participated in the German embassy. After some minutes on the highway, we already saw many mountains. Such a beautiful view! Two hours after the department, we arrived at our destination. Our leader bought us the tickets, and then we continued going on a shuttle bus to our target location.

We went through the garden, coming to a huge dragon. After doing thousands of group photos, we entered this dragon to get to a higher point.

Outside of the dragon, there were cable cars and a port. We joined one boat and had a round trip on this lake to see nature. I’ll just show you the photos.

Next, we had free time. We could choose between lunch, bungee jumping, climbing, and other stuff. We had lunch first and then we decided to climb the mountain.

Slowly, we were running out of time. But still, some in our group wanted to do the bungee jumping. One jump is 260元, which is really cheap. We went to that area, and some decided to do the bungee jumping, and some, including me, decided to do the easy stuff. I’m regretting it not having done it, but the circumstances were not the best.

We missed our boat, so after everyone had done the jump, we got our own boat back. This time, we used the cable cars to get to another part of that environment.

Back to the starting point, we got ice cream, and the driver drove us back home. The problem was, there was to much traffic. Thus, the bus driver dropped us somewhere in Beijing. One hour, we were looking for food, but in this area, there was nothing. After a while, we found a shopping mall and searched for a restaurant there. But it was really overcrowded. We had to wait another hour to get a seat. After that, some of us ate kind of ice cream, and with the subway, we went back towards the dorm direction. It was already 10 pm, but they did not stop here. They wanted to go to a bar. After persuading me, we went there and drunk some beers. Then we finally left and went to our dormitory.

What a long day!

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