Cuandi Xiacun (An Ancient Village)

Yesterday, we went to an ancient village. Actually, I had other plans for this day, but nevertheless, I joined them because they were 7 and one people more means fewer costs for all. So, it was already 11 am, and I hadn’t had breakfast. After breakfast, we divided our group into two small groups and ordered our Didi driver. But we were running in a problem. In our group, there was just one who has the Didi app. The app always crashed on his handy as it’s the free, awful mobile phone of our mobile contract. The reason why we didn’t have the app is that you can’t download the app in the German app store. You first have to switch to the Chinese app store, and for this, you need a Chinese account. I don’t know how Simone logged in into the Chinese account, but she got the app and ordered us a Didi driver.

We had a two-hour drive ahead of us. I used this chance to download the Didi app by asking a Chinese friend for her Chinese account. I connected the app with WeChat pay, and everything should work probably.

Before we arrived at our destination, we had to get a ticket. It’s only 17元. We continued driving for 5 minutes, and finally, we arrived. We also reserved a car for the backway because we thought we don’t get a driver who brings us home. (Actually, there were enough drivers.) This time, I’ve done it with my Didi app. It worked, means, I can always call a driver to drive me home!

First, we decided to climb. We “wasted” one hour with climbing, instead of exploring the village. Since our Didi driver was requested at 4:10 pm (we arrived at 2 pm), we had two hours only, and yeah, we used a lot of our time with climbing.

After climbing, we explored the village. It was interesting. There were many markets, and everywhere are students drawing pictures. We talked to some people and took photos with them. Well, they took mostly photos of us, haha. However, 30 minutes out of our last hour, we drunk beer. I should have explored the place by myself, as we didn’t have the time to see the whole village, and even though I like beer, in this situation, it was kinda wasting time.

At around 6 pm, we were back, and I went to the gym. Afterward, I decided to have a more healthy meal than usual. It was great to eat many vegetables for weeks.

That was the summary of yesterday. Today, I wasted my time looking for a deodorant. I went to three big supermarkets, none of which provide it. So, I asked my Chinese friend again, where I could buy deodorant. She said I should look for a shop called “Watson”. Finally, after two exhausting hours, I could choose between three deodorants. What a vast variety.

Right now, I’m supposed to sit in the “Computer Science & Technology Frontier” class. But it seems the course does not take place. At least not here. However, the internet is okay here, so I use the time to do some organizations.

I asked someone, and he said that today’s class is canceled. He invited me to the WeChat group (I couldn’t join the class last week) and told me the most relevant information. Stay tuned! I’m going for a run now.

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  1. Sylvia says:

    war doch eine gute Entscheidung, spontan zu sein, zumal nach den Gesichtern zu urteilen, du dieses Mal mit anderen als den sonst üblichen Personen unterwegs warst…zwei Stunden Fahrt in welche Richtung? …ich finde, du bekommst dies doch alles sehr gut regelt… weiter so und lass dich nicht demoraliesen, ist halt China! Liebe Grüße auch von immerhin 15 anwesenden WeforGs heute Abend, die zumindestens deine Fotos verfolgen.

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