Lama and Confucian Temple

Monday, I went with a friend to the Lama Temple. Well, I planned to travel alone, but since she wanted to join me, I couldn’t say no. So, we met early, and then we visited the temple. To be honest, it was not really interesting, haha. The primary thing you can do there is to pray.

After leaving the Lama Temple, we visited the Confucian Temple and the Imperial Museum, which was in the near. As the Lama temple, the buildings and nature are absolutely beautiful.

We basically spent the next hours eating and resting. We wanted to join a light show in the evening, so we had to fill the hours. To do so, we had a long walk to a shopping mall near Tian’anmen square. Arrived, we watched the local attractions and later it was again eating time. Because we didn’t find a “good” restaurant after an hour, I wanted to visit McDonald’s. I hadn’t had Burgers for ages, so I really enjoyed the greasy food.

It was already really late, so we thought about how to come to the light show. The light show is a little bit outside of Beijing, so it takes approximately one hour. Since we were in the center of Beijing, it was really crowded. The bus didn’t stop at the station, and we were not able to order a Didi as the streets had been blocked to reduce traffic jams. Long-time short, we missed the light show. So, we just had some more conversations, and finally, we went home where I had done my workout and ordered the first time food for eating it at home.

Yesterday, I finally found a piano and made some new friends. In the near weeks, if I have enough time, I want to practice either new classical songs or expand my jazz skills. I really look forward!

Today, I also found a self-service bar for fruits. It’s so great. Finally, I have some more variety of fruits. I also added some more pictures of food in the last two days.

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