Beijing Zoo

In the last week, we have experienced a 20-degree decline. So, we always had around 30 degrees, and suddenly the weather fluctuated around 10 degrees. And as it had to come, I have got a cold resulting in laying in the bed mostly.

Last Wednesday, I wanted to visit the forbidden city. But I forgot my passport, so I went back to the dorm. It wasn’t the worst decision not to travel that day as I really felt my cold. Thus, the next days, I spent drinking tea, eating healthy stuff, playing some video games, and rejecting others, not going out.

I was sick of doing nothing, so we decided to visit the Beijing Zoo yesterday. It is also a beautiful park, but I hate to see animals imprisoned. Especially larger animals have really less space to live. That’s torture. Also, the price is absolutely ridiculous. I just paid 7.5元, which is less than a euro.

In the evening, we went to a shopping mall and had Hotpot. Basically, you have hot water, and you put everything into it. After inserting something, it’s done in some minutes, and you can dip it to add some flavor. You can also have soap. Summarized, you have a wide variety, but it’s long-lasting. So, if you are starving, then it’s maybe not the best for you.

Those were my last days. Next time, I’ll show you the forbidden city.

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  1. Sylvia says:

    Wir fanden damals den Zoo unser schrecklichstes Erlebnis. Den Pandabären ging es als Einzigen wenigstens etwas besser. Alle anderen Tiere taten mir leid. Aber wenn die Menschenwürde nicht achtet, kann auch nichts für Tiere übrig haben.
    Bin gespannt auf Deine Bilder aus der Verbotenen Stadt, wo es vor 9 Jahren in der Woche eher leer war und keine Ausweispflicht gab, da die Militärwohnungen extra abgeschirmt gewesen sind.
    Dir weiterhin alles Gute und liebe Grüße von WeforG, die nach zwei Wochen Herbstferien mal wieder bei Null anfangen! Sylvia

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