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Many things happened since my last blog entry. Recently, I signed up for another course named “Introduction to Radar Systems”. It was not easy because the registration for the classes is already completed. Nevertheless, I can join the course now and get the credits. This week, I also finished my presentation for “Computer Science and Technology Frontier” which I’m going to present next week just like Web Mining. Web Mining will also end after the upcoming week. That was also the reason why I looked for another.

There was also the international day this week. That means every country had a station offering local snacks or showing something typical. Unfortunately, we joined the event at 2 pm and 3 pm it was already over.

Apart from that, I continued my daily life. Mostly, I spend my time doing something productive in the cafe. I started to learn SwiftUI (Framework for doing mobile apps), attend to my monotonous courses, where I continued programming and did my daily workouts. I still wasn’t able to visit the forbidden city, but I register myself for Monday right after writing this blog entry!

Yesterday, there was another big part of the week. We visited a company named NOBO AUTO, which is a supplier for larger companies like Jaguar, HAVAL, and many other Chinese companies. They are producing interior, exterior, and mainly seats. We (15 people who signed up first) were able to see their production lines (highly automated, you haven’t seen many people in the factories), testing environments, and to connect to business people in the Chinese car industry. They want us. Thus they offered us paid internships with free apartments. Anyway, you can also get an internship provided by much more relevant companies. I was thinking about doing it for one month in December, but one the one hand, I’ll just be abused as an English teacher, and on the other hand, a one-month internship is a joke.

Generally, it’s not so easy to work in a Chinese company. They don’t speak English, and if they speak English, then it’s broken and hard to understand. So, while they showed us everything, there was just one Chinese, the translator, who translated us everything. Later, the chief of the marketing section joined us. He raised the value of the company by the double as he can speak excellent English and German (he spent 15 years in Germany). So, in the end, we know at least that the marketing section has a high international standard, but what about the other fields? I won’t imagine how computer science workers are handling their stuff there. Especially because Chinese people need someone who tells them what to do since they are mostly not independent. Well, the interpreter gave me WeChat of the senior engineer who is responsible for computer science. I can ask him for further information if I’m interested in doing an internship there. But I don’t think so.

Sadly, I was not allowed to take photos inside the halls, but I show you some other pictures. Really noticeable was that air pollution was very high. The location is 20 minutes away from Beijing by a High-speed train, and you saw the difference clearly. Beijing is much cleaner since they outsourced companies years ago.

Okay, that was my week. Write you next week!

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  1. Sylvia says:

    Es fällt auf, dass bei der internationalen Woche keine Chinesen auf Deinen Bildern dabei waren. Schade, dass da weiterhin von chinesischer Seite kein Interesse besteht.
    Dass die Firma Euch gerne als Praktikanten für “lau” einstellen würde, ist verständlich, da sie sich von internationalen Studenten Input erhoffen, der dann in einem Monat abgefragt worden ist.
    Alles Gute weiterhin und liebe Grüße aus Gifhorn Sylvia

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