Forbidden City

Thursday, I finally went to the forbidden city, which was the most interesting compared to all other historical places I had been to before. I rent myself an auto guide and listened to the stories carefully. Mostly, the stories were about intrigues including cheating, jealousy, killing, and daily life. Furthermore, I have also learned the various functions of all pavilions, many of which include rituals. One more interesting thing was the transportation of heavy stone panels for over 600 years. They dug holes every 500 meters to create a path of frozen water sliding the stone over 50 kilometers to Beijing. Anyway, I just show you the pictures as it is way too much to talk about.

Last week, I finished the Web Mining class, and Introduction to Radar Systems started. This course is much better than the others. The quality, as well as the learning rate, is tremendous. It is a combination of lectures and exercises. In this lecture, we learn the theory and in the exercise class, we have to implement several things in MatLab.

We decided to go to Japan on the 17th of November for four days. So, I had to organize a new reentry for China in the exit and entry service center. To go there it took about one hour. In combination with waiting, it resulted in wasting half of a day.

We visited some bars and we spent Halloween in a Club. I also improved my skills in negotiating again. I have done pretty well as I bought two pairs (Nike Frees and Chucks) of shoes for roundabout 40€ and a warm jacket for 22€.

The rest of my time I spent with programming, doing homework, doing sports, and playing with my roommates and neighbors on my Nintendo Switch. Yesterday, I also joined a Pilates course. The trainer pushed hardly. Every time I was not able to do one more movement, she clapped her hands multiple times and looked really serious at me, haha. Right now, I am planning my next trip to the great wall.

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  1. Margit says:

    Hallo Rene,
    haben eben mal wieder in deinen Blog geschaut… bin ehrlich, war länger nicht mehr drin, weil wir mit der Renovierung von Schwiegerelterns Haus, wo unsere Kinder jetzt wohnen, immerzu beschäftigt sind.
    Hast tolle Fotos reingestellt… das große Gebäude kenne ich noch von den Fotos meiner Tochter. Sie war vor ca. 5- 6 Jahren auch in China, allerdings im Norden, in Chang Chung. Dort hatte damals der Vater von ihrem, inzwischen Ex- Freund von VW aus 3 Jahre gearbeitet.
    Hast Dich inzwischen bestimmt schon gut eingelebt… hast ja schon bald “Bergfest”, oder bist sogar schon drüber!?
    Hatten heute Abend langen Donnerstag, davor aber das “Ständchen” von Wise Guys geübt, um mal den Text auf die Notenwerte zu bringen…
    So, muss nun ins Bett… s’ ist in Deutschland schon gleich 24 Uhr!
    Freue mich auf weitere Fotos von Dir und wünsch Dir eine schöne Zeit dort mit vielen tollen Momenten 😉
    Liabs Griaßle Margit

    • René Sass René Sass says:

      Hi Margit, kein Problem, die Artikel verschwinden ja nicht einfach! Danke für deinen Kommentar. 🙂
      Tatsächlich ist es wirklich nicht mehr lang. In 3 Wochen schreibe ich meine letzte Klausur, dann reise ich zwei Monate und dann bin ich schon wieder in Deutschland.
      Wünsche euch weiterhin schöne Proben und dir auch alles Gute! 🙂

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