Juyongguan Great Wall

The autumn has arrived! The campus turned into a beautiful place of yellow leaves, and the time is running so fast. Right now, I do not have photos of the campus, but some photos of food!

I finally finished my English Grammar book, which has given me so much clearness about the basics. I really was surprised what I wrote (or still write haha) wrong, especially when it comes to prepositions or word orders. Furthermore, I finally finished all the documents for my learning agreement! Plus, I started to apply for an internship at VW for April.

In the last days, I planned my next steps intensely. I’m going to extend my traveling from one month to two months. So, I’ll spend three weeks traveling from south to north China and another four weeks for Shanghai, Chongqing, and Zhangjiajie. I’ll let you know the exact route in four weeks after I finished my exams. And you can look forward to reading and seeing a lot of stuff in January and February!

Besides the above things, there was nothing special. I spent my time in the café and tried to finish as many things as I could because time is sprinting. There are just four weeks left! We went several times out to bars, did party, celebrate birthdays, and played badminton. And of course, I did not neglect fitness. Ah, yesterday, after we were in the club, a friend of mine throw a bottle to a car, because the driver was really pushy and my friend was pissed anyway. Long story short, the driver wanted to call the police, because everything was filmed by the public cameras and his car got damaged (actually not by the bottle). We negotiate like 30 Minutes with him. He wanted 200 yuan, but in the end, he accepted our 100 yuan offer after we said that we are students. So funny!

Another critical part of the last two weeks was my MacBook. There were days I couldn’t use it because I literally don’t have a battery anymore (After 6 years completely understandable). So, I decided to go to an Apple Store to let the battery be fixed. I have to wait till the german keyboard arrives (2-3 weeks), and then they’ll repair it within 3-5 days for 1400 yuan (170 Euro), including a new keyboard and trackpad.

Finally, I show you some photos of the Great Wall. The trip was organized by our university resulting in zero effort for me. The disadvantage, however, was that we were really limited in the time. Our journey started at 8 am, and around 9:30 am, we arrived. But already at 10:55 am we had to be back. Thus, it was a run since it was a long way to climb the highest point. But after one hour we did it! Unfortunately, the weather was not the best. The environment also seems a bit boring at the current season.

In five hours, we are going to fly to Tokyo for four days. I’ll write my report directly after I’m back in Beijing. See you, guys!

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  1. Tatjana says:

    Hi René, I enjoy reading your blog and looking at your photos even if I don’t usually leave comments here. I’m not much of a Social Media person and have no Facebook or Instagram account so I’m not much into commenting things online. But that doesn’t mean I don’t read them.
    And the “excuse” that you must have slept during your English classes at school will definitely not work any more after everybody has read your blog entries.
    Wish you a great second half of your stay and look soooo…much forward to seeing you in 2020!

    • René Sass René Sass says:

      Hi Tatjana, so nice to hear from you!
      I bet Sylvia told you guys to write, haha, but you really don’t have to leave comments. Nevertheless, it’s nice to get some response and see that some are really interested in my experiences. Thanks!

      Also look forward to see you and all the others back in 2020. 🙂

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