Beijing Duck

Hi guys, it’s, like always, been a while! I was busy enjoying my life, so I’m gonna write two articles today, both of which summarize my last two weeks briefly.

First, I talk about my personal life. I applied for an internship at Volkswagen in the research department for “KI and Deep Learning in autonomous driving”. Depending on if I get the placement, I also plan to apply to different workplaces in Volkswagen or apply at IAV. However, I’m confident that I’ll get an exciting internship for April.

Next, I worried about my Radar Systems exam as the date was not specified. In fact, the date changed multiple times, conflicting with my trip plans. But for some days, my teacher talked to me that I don’t have to write the exam. I just have to finish my experiments and homework, and he gives me the grade based on those. Thus, the reports of the experiments and homework have to be perfect! It was great news because I don’t have to learn for the exam while traveling. Huge relief.

Then there is news according to my MacBook. After Japan, I took my MacBook to the Apple Store to replace my battery. Already after two days, they finished the repairing, and I have had a MacBook with a new battery, keyboard, and trackpad again. Finally, I can work without using cable again.

Okay, let’s go ahead with China stuff. This entry is basically all about food. The most highlights are Korean food and Beijing duck. But, we also had Mexican food, for example.

Well, I can’t say much about how delicious Korean food is as we just had some dishes, but it was great. Just leave you with the photos here.

There is an exciting story showing language barriers. As always, I ordered my favorite noodles 油泼面, but this time, I wanted it a little bit spicier. I said 中辣 (medium spicy), but the man (he knows me already well and always laughs when he sees me – I definitely have to take a photo with him before I leave) didn’t understand me. The photos describe the situation nicely.

Long story short, I got extra wide noodles, which were not spicy, haha.

The Beijing duck was amazing. The cook, or whatever he is, cut the duck in front of you. Then he places the pieces beautifully on the plate. Now, they provide you kind of tortillas and different dips. You put the sauces on the tortillas, add onion, cucumber, and the duck, roll it, and eat it. Of course, you don’t have to eat it in that way. The rest of the duck is used, for instance, in our case, to make a soup.

The other days I had Hotpot again, Mexican food, or others. Again, I’ll just leave you with the photos here.

The next article is about some activities!

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