Bye-bye Beijing

I just arrived at the airport in Beijing (actually, it was Sunday, but I hadn’t had time to finish it). I’ll use this time to recall my last four months here.

As far as I could notice, the lectures were mostly bad. Not only those courses I visited. Maybe it’s just the English courses, which are obviously not worth to be improved. For instance, I show you a picture which perfectly describes the exam situation:

While the students distract the teacher, the students take photos of the exam. However, Introduction to Radar Systems is everything else than bad and was definitely worth to visit. In the end, I attended three courses: Web Mining, Computer Science & Technology Frontier, and Introduction to Radar Systems.

One good thing I should have to talk about are the dining halls. I will miss the convenience of choosing between good and diverse food. Furthermore, every dining hall was less than one minute away, making it easy not to waste time.

I also took a picture of my favourite cook. They have been really kind and even gave me my favorite dish 油泼面 for free.

Something I won’t miss is the dormitory. The only advantage was I nearly hadn’t to pay anything for this accommodation. The most significant disadvantage, however, was the restriction to be back at 12 pm every day as it had a huge influence on my efficiency and my night life. Although, I couldn’t work there because of the noise and inconvenience of the furnitures, I always enjoyed the conversations with my roommates or neighbours. Then there is the female horribly singing guard. It’s best not to hear her again!

And the place where I spend most of my time and money: The Cafe.

Well, that’s basically the most important I experienced on the BIT campus for my study time in a short summary. Some more photos of the campus follow.

In contrast to the campus, I have seen many attractions in Beijing with beautiful people. It was a nice time and I hope I have covered all important places.

Now, the next, much more interesting chapter starts. I’m looking forward to spending the next two months with traveling. The next stop is Shenzhen!

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  1. Sylvia says:

    Lieber René,
    Dir eine gute und interessante Zeit bei Deiner geplanten Rumreise mit vielen guten und erinnerungswürdigen Begegnungen und Besichtigungen. Herzliche Grüße aus dem auf Dich wartenden Gifhorn

  2. Martina Pape says:

    Wünsche dir viel Spass. Mutti

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